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Real Love Doesn't Meet U
At Ur Best
It Meets U In Ur Mess...

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Never Pay For Anything With
Ur Self Respect
Ur Life Is Ur Story Write Well
Edit Often...

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Don't Look Back
Just Keep On Walking...

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I Am So Single
That When I Am Having
Hiccups I Don't Think Someone
Is Missing Me
I Knew It's Just Bcoz My Diaphragm
Is Getting Irritated...

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Added 2 months ago

God Uses Broken Things
Broken Clouds Pour Rain
Broken Soil Sets As Fields
Broken Crop Yield Seeds
Broken Seeds Give Life To New
So When You Feel You Are Broken
Be Assured That God Is Planning To
Utilize You For Something Great...

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Relationship Is Like Honey
Do Not Compare With Money
It Is Not A Collection of Art
It Is Selection Of Hearts...

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When You Challenge People You Will Lose One Day
When You Challenge Urself You'll Win Everyday...

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