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Added 2 hours ago

कभी किसी को मुकम्मल जहां नहीं मिलता
कहीं ज़मीं तो कहीं आसमां नहीं मिलता

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Added 2 days ago

Sometimes Giving Someone Second
Chance Is Giving Them An Extra Bullet
For The Gun
Bcoz They Missed U The First Time..!

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Added 2 days ago

Avoiding Something Doesn't Always
Mean That U Hate It
It Could Also Mean That U Want It
But U Just Know That It Isn't Urs..!

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Added 1 week ago

Love Is An Invitation For Pain
I Hope One Day My Weak Heart
Will Forget U..!

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Added 1 week ago

My Heart Is Broken
My Hopes Are Crushed
I Am Living A Life Of

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Added 1 week ago

A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror
It Is Better To Leave It Broken Than
Hurt Urself To Fix It..!

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Added 1 week ago

Forever U Promised
Forever A Lie
U Promised The Moon
And The Stars In The Sky..!

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