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Added 1 week ago

Burey Logon Ko Bhul Kar Acche
Logon Ki Talash Karne Se Behtar
Burey Logon Ki Burayi Ko Bhul Kar
Unme Acchayi Talash Ki Jaaye...!

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Added 1 week ago

Kon Kya Kar Raha Hai
Kaise Kar Raha Hai
Kyun Kar Raha Hai
In Sab Se Aap Jitna Dur
Utna Hi Khush Rahoge...!

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Added 2 months ago

Truth Is Like A Surgery
It Hurts But It Heals
A Lie Is Like A Painkiller
It Gives Instant Relief
But Has Side Effects Forever...

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Added 2 months ago

Go For Someone Who Is Not
Only Proud To Have U
But Will Also Take Every Risk
Just To Be With U...

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Added 2 months ago

If Someone Really Loves U
They Won't Let U Slip Away
No Matter How Hard The Situation
May Be...

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Added 5 months ago

God Uses Broken Things
Broken Clouds Pour Rain
Broken Soil Sets As Fields
Broken Crop Yield Seeds
Broken Seeds Give Life To New
So When You Feel You Are Broken
Be Assured That God Is Planning To
Utilize You For Something Great...

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Added 5 months ago

Jaruri Nahi Ki Bimar Hone Ki Wajah
Bimari Hi Ho
Kuch Log To Dusro Ki Khusiyan Dekh
Kar Bhi Bimar Ho Jate Hain..!

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