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A Cute Love Story!
There Was A Husband Who Daily
Sent His Wife A Rose When Ever He
Was Out Of Town Day He Died..
Still His Wife Recieved A Rose

She Was Shocked
She Asked The Florist
He Told Her
That Her Husband Had Paid Advance For Her Whole Life

Love Some 1 Such That It Remains
4 Ever ..

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cute love story
Boy:Kya main tumhe pyara
lagta hun?
Boy:Kya tum mere sath rehna chahti ho?
Boy:Agar main marr jaun to
tum ro gi?
Larka boht udas ho gya use boht dukh hua or wo rone
lga :(
Larki ne use apne kareeb kiya
or kaha
Tum Pyare nai bohut
Khubsurat ho Main tumhare sath Rehna nai balki Jeena
chahti hun
Agr tumhen kuch ho gya to
mein Roun gi nai Marr jaun gi

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Two Butterflies Were In Love.
1 Day They Decided To Play
Hide N Seek, They Fixed A Flower &
Decided That,
Tomorrow 1 Who Will Come
First & Sit On This Flower
Will Love The Other More.
At Morning The Male Butterfly
Came Very Early
& Waited For The Flower To
Open. When It Opened,
He Was Shocked To See That, The Female Butterfly Had Died
Inside It,
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since
Last Night To Tell Him…!!

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LADKA aur LADKI car me
khamosi se
ja rahe the LADKA 1 Letter
ko deta hai LADKI Letter Padhne se
pehle hi LADKE ko kheti hai ki,
Mujhe aab tum se pyar nahi hai,
Mai tumhe chhod rahi hu.
Achanak ek tez raftar wali car unki
car se takra gai LADKA usi
waqt mar gaya,
LADKKI bach gayi phir LADKI
ne wo Letter khola
to uske ANKHON se ANSU gir pade.
US Letter me likha tha

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A Touchy Love Story..
A boy was tired of girlfriend’s
msgs which always said: i love u, i miss u..
One night he received a msg
from her but didn’t read it,
insted he slept Next day he got a call from his
girlfriend’s mom who said:
that her daughter had a car
accident & died last night.
He then read the msg in which
it was written:
Dear plz come in front of your house,
i met with an accident
& its my last wish to see u plz.
Friends never ignore anything in life.

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Chhoti si love story..!!
Ek dada aur dadi ne
Apni jawani ke dino ko fir se
yaad kar ke manane ka socha, Un hone faisla kiya ke hum
phir darya kinare milenge Dada subha jaldi uth kar
tayyar ho ke
gulab le kar phoche par dadi
nahi aayi.. Dada gusse me ghar pahoch,
tum aayi nahi, main intzar
karta raha thmara Dadi ne sharma kar kaha
maa ne jane nahi diya..!!

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A boy & a girl loved each
other very much.
unfortunately the boy died.
girl was upset too much & she
couldn’t stop her tears.
she kept on crying every day.
many people gave sympathy
but no argument could stop
her tears.
one night she slept & had a dream.
she saw the guy in heaven with so many guys of his age.
he felt relaxed.
but she noticed that every
guy was in fairy dress & had a
lightened candle in their hand.
but her guy had a candle which was not lightened.
she asked him: “why your
candle is not lightened?”
he said: “whenever i lighten
my candle
your tears falls on it
” please don’t cry for whom you really love”
“because they dont want you too?”

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