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Added 3 years ago

In India there is only one thing which
exist even longer than
"Bullshit Indian TV Serials"

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Added 3 years ago

Rahul Gandhi was asked what is he
doing about the lost Malaysian plane
Rahul: We are trying to investigate how a Malaysian plane has a number plate of Maharashtra...

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Added 3 years ago

Ek aadmi ki dusre City mein naukri lagi.
Waha pahunch kar usne socha ki biwi
ko E-mail kar du.
Galti se vo E-mail kisi aur ke paas
chala gya, jis ke paas gya vo aurat
apne pati ko dafna ke aai thi or E-mail
padhte hi behosh ho gai.
E-mail kuch yu tha:- Begam! Mail yaha
aaram se pahunch gaya hu, yaha
internet ki service bhi achchhi hai.
Udas mat ho, 2-3 din me tumhe bhi bula lunga.

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Added 3 years ago

The movie Madrass Cafe is on Rajiv
Satyagraha is on Anna Hazare;
And Grand Masti is on Asaaram Bapu!

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Added 3 years ago

Husband Wow, Tum itni Gulabi
lag rahi ho.. ??
Wife:"When your lovely words
touch the bundle branches of the
circulation system of my heart,
it starts beating
faster & increased output is
trans mitted to adrenals which start
secreting glucon to increase
glucose level & to combatthis
emergency, Pituitary output also
increases which raises blood estrogen
and I
look PINK... .
MORAL:"Jyada padhi likhi biwi
romance ki mummy-didi ek kar
deti hai..

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Added 3 years ago

'wife; I'm going to London.
Do u want any gift?
Husband: (mazak me) Me manguga woh
tum la nahi paogi.
Wife : mang ke to dekho
Husband : I want A British Girl..
Wife returns
husband: where iz gift?
wife: wait for 9 months!!!!!!!!'

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Added 3 years ago

xtra telented boy :
1st boy- which is ur favrate books ?
2nd boy- my father chekbook n passbook...
1st boy- kis jagaha sabse zada barf girti hai ?
2nd boy- wiskey k glass mei...

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