Friendship Day SMS

Added 4 years ago

There is a miracle called friendship,
That dwells within the heart,
And you don't know how it happens,
Or when it even starts.

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Added 4 years ago

A friend is never a coincidence in your life,
they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter.
So, i will treasure the friendship between us.

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Added 4 years ago

Friends are like hairs.
If u lose it, even with enough $money$ you cant buy them back.

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Added 4 years ago

FRIENDSHIP isn't how U forGet but how U forGive,
Not how U liSten but how U UnderStand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!

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Added 4 years ago

Never say ur happy when ur sad...
never say ur fine when ur not ok...
never say u feel good when u feel bad...
and never say ur alone when I m still alive.

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Added 4 years ago

GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with pricetags,
Because.....if He did, I can't afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

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Added 4 years ago

A little clown is living in my heart.Small and very special.
It can dance and jump, laugh and sing.
Are you in pain and you need to cry, come and borrow it!

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