Friendship Day SMS

Added 4 years ago

I will yaad u very zyada
u b yaad me bohat much
u are very zyada gud dost of me
I think I am b bohat acha frnd of u ka
So plz don't bhoolna me.

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Added 4 years ago

A friend thinks its over when you have a fight
while a 'Best Friend' thinks the friendship started when you have a fight.

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Added 4 years ago

Who is A frnd?
Frnd is Sum1
Who Gives Ur BAIL when ur in JAIl
True Frnd is a Person Who is In JAIL wid U & says
Bola tha Na fasenge..

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Added 4 years ago

Colors may fade, the sun may not shine,
the moon may not be bright,
heartbeats may stop,
lives may pass but our friendship,
I'll treasure 'till the day my heart stops.

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Added 4 years ago

God has given us two gifts;
One is choice & another is chance.
Choice is to select a gud friend & chance is to have a best one like U.

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Added 4 years ago

Dosti naam hy sukh
Dukh ki kahani ka
Dosti raaz hy sada
Muskurane ka
Ye pal do pal ki
Pehchaan nahi
Dosti tou bandhan hay
Umar bhar nibhane ka.

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Added 4 years ago

Kuch log
Kehte hain dosti pyar hai kuch log
kehte hain dosti zindagi hai.
hum kehte hain dosti dosti hai..
jis-se barh kar na pyar hai na zindagi hai.

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