Broken Heart SMS

Added 8 months ago

I Will Remember Him Not
As The One Who Broke My Heart
As The One Who Taught Me
To Live With Broken Heart Still..
Love You Swt Heart.

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Added 9 months ago

Some broken heart, may never mend,
Some memories may never end,

Some wet tears may never dry,
But my love for you will never die…

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Added 9 months ago

Nice line said by a
broken heart:
please dont come one
more time infront of mee..!!
Otherwise again i will trUst u..

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Added 9 months ago

Touching lines by broken heart-
“sometimes i feel that waiting 4 u in my life is like waiting 4 bus at a railway station..”

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Added 9 months ago

Jab Maalum Hai Tujhko Ki,
Tere Apne Bhi Matlabi Hain,
Toh Fir Bataya Kyun Tu Inse Dill Apna Lagata Hai,
Jab Auron Ke Dill Mein Nahi Hota Tere Liye Dard Kabhi,
Fir Sagar Tu Kyun Auron Ke Liye Apna Dil Tadpata Hai.

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Added 9 months ago

Everyone Who Stays Away From Love
Has Been Heart Broken At Some Point
In Their Lives..!

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Added 9 months ago

Tujhe Bhoolna Mushkil Tha Mera
Mere Dil Ko Todna Aasan Tha Tera
Mil Kar Bichhadna Saza Tha Mera
Dil De Kar Dil Se Rulana Adat Tha Tera.

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