Broken Heart SMS

Added 6 months ago

U Said U Didn't Want To See Me
Does That Means U Closed Ur Eyes
When I Cried For U..!

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Added 6 months ago

Think Twice Before Leaving A Space
In Someone's Heart
It's Difficult To Realize The Pain When
U See Someone Else Filling Ur Space..!

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Added 6 months ago

Sorry My Heart Is Closed For
Be Back When The Damage Has
Been Repaired..!

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Added 6 months ago

Nadaan Thay Hum Jo Tujhse Dil
Chahat Ko Teri Apne Dilme Basaya
Tere Ishq Ne Mujhe Zaalim Kitna
Cheen Kar Khusi Meri Gam Se Rishta
Jaan E Jaan Dil Mera Kyu Tune Toda..!

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Added 6 months ago

Jab Hasna Chaha To Ruswai Mili,
Jab Dilse Chaha To Bewfai Mili,
Hum To Har Mod Par Sabka Sath Nibhate Rahe,
Jab Khud Kisika Sath Chaha To Bas Tanhai Mili.

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Added 6 months ago

Raah Pade Patthar Ko Tarasha
Murat Ek Banayi
Us Murat Se Dil Ye Lagaya Aur
Dil Pe Chot Hai Khayi..!

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Added 7 months ago

The Only Way You'll Realize
How Broken I Am Without You
Is To Put Your Hand On My
Heart And Feel It Limping Along
In Pain.........!

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