Broken Heart SMS

Added 2 months ago

Hum Nadaan Acche Hain
Dunia Ke Samajhdaar Logo Se
Hum Apne Khwab Jarur Todte
Par Kisi Ka Dil Nahi..!

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Added 3 months ago

Dil Tab Nahi Roota Jab Hum Kisi Ko
Kho Dete Hain
Dil To Tab Roota Hai Jab Hum Khud
Ko Kho Kar Bhi Kisi Ke Ho Nahi Pate...!!

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Added 2 months ago

My Heart Was Taken By U
Broken For U And Now It Is
In Pieces Bcoz Of U..!

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Added 3 months ago

I Made A Choice To Let Go Finally
Bcoz I Can't Stand The Pain
It's Time For My Last Tear To Fall
And Smile Again..!

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Added 3 months ago

Each Drop Of Tear Is Costly
Than Anything In The World
But No One Knows It's Value
Until They Have It In Their Eyes
For Someone..!

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Added 3 months ago

U Said U Didn't Want To See Me
Does That Means U Closed Ur Eyes
When I Cried For U..!

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Added 3 months ago

Think Twice Before Leaving A Space
In Someone's Heart
It's Difficult To Realize The Pain When
U See Someone Else Filling Ur Space..!

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