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"Parents dont expect much 4m us.They just expect that d loan of luv which we
borrowed 4m them in our childhood 2 be returned in their old age."

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German Soldier~"Sir, We Are Surrounded by Enemies On All Sides"
Hitler~"Excellent. Now We Can Attack in Any Direction!!"
"Attitude Decides Ur Altitude"

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Get Inspired by this Awesome msg:

"Start working to fulfill Ur Dreams,
Or else Someday Someone will put U in work to fulfill their Dreams.."

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Mind blowing quote by martin luther:
" If u want something which u never had before;
do something which u have never done before..!!"

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Future is not what we planned for tomorrow! It is the result of what we do today!..
Do the best at present and be the best in future...!

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Success Is A Great Deodorant,
It Takes Away All Your Past Smells

Knowledge Speaks


Wisdom Listens

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece.

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Thought of the day:
"Most of people remember God when they are in deep trouble.
But that is a true person who remembers God both in trouble and joy."

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