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Added 4 years ago

no matter how much faith we have,
we lose people.
we never forget them.
it's those memories that
give us the faith to go on!

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Only two kinds of people
Will say money can not
Buy happiness.
Those who have no money,
And those who have too much money.

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Five frogs are sitting on a log,
4 decide to jump off.
How many are left? Answer: 5.
Why? Because
Deciding and doing are
Not the same thing.

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Added 4 years ago

Whatever we do,
We must remember our aim,
If u dream to fly with eagles,
Don't waste time in swimimg with ducks.

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Added 4 years ago

Most meaningful words..
Man asked god
"give me everything to enjoy life"
God replied
"I have given u life to enjoy everything"

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Added 4 years ago

People say:
"Find Good people & leave the bad ones"
But I say,
Find the Good in people &
Ignore the bad in them.
Because "No 0ne is Perfect"

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Added 4 years ago

Kabhi bhi kaamyabi ko dimag aur
Nakaami ko dil me jagah nahi dena chahiye.
Qki kaamyabi dimag me ghamand aur
Nakaami dil me maayusi paida krti hai

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