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The biggest enemy of success is "Fear of failure"
So when FEAR knocks at your DOOR,
send COURAGE to open the DOOR
success will wait for you.

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Give yourself a chance,
Give yourself the moment,
Give yourself the freedom,
Give yourself the power,
Give yourself the confidence,
Live for today not for tomorrow, Live the EXTREME !!!!!!!
Because you got yourself only one life...

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Dont read success story. Read only failure story, Bcoz, failure story you get newidea to win,
from Success story you get only message.

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Added 4 years ago

Life doesn't provide
Warranties & Guarantees...
It only provides possibilities &
For those who dare to make
Best use of it!

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Added 4 years ago

If Egg is broken by outside force,
Its life Ends!
But if broken by inside force,
Life begins.
Great Things always begin
From inside

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Added 4 years ago

Never forget three types
Of people in your life.
1. Who helped you in your difficult times.
2. Who left in your difficult times.
3. Who put you in difficult times.

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Added 4 years ago

Our business in life is
Not to get ahead of others but
To get ahead of ourselves
To break our own records,
To outstrip our yesterday
By our today.

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