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Dont See Others Doing Better Than U..
Break Ur Own Records Everyday..
Success Is A Fight Between U And Urself..!

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A Man Is Not Poor Without A Rupee..
A Man Is Really Poor Without A
Dream And Aim..!

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Best Thought:
"Lesser The Traffic Of Thoughts In Ur Mind..
Easier Is The Journey Of Life..!"

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No 1 maNuFacTures a LOCK widouT KEY.
SiMiLarLyA LLAH DoesnT givè ProbLeMs withouT SoLuTioNs
So,DeFeaT ur ProbLeMs wid GreaT ConFideNcè iN ALLAH…:-)

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A Butterfly Lives 4 Only 14 Days,
Bt Stil It Flys Joyfuly Capturing Many Hearts Each Moment In Life Is Precious.

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When u feel depressed, confused orhurt.
Don’t worry stand in front of a mirror,
u will find the best one to solve your problem.

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Success is a vehicle
Which moves on a wheel Named “smart work”
But The journey is impossible Without the fuel named
“self confidence!!”

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