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Golden words by Ratan Tata,
" Tajurba insaan ko galat faisle se bachata hai..."
" Tajurba galat faisle se hi hasil hota hai..." .

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Being A Good Person Is Like Being A Goal Keeper..
No Matter How Many Goals We Save..
People Will Only Remember The One That U Missed..!

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Never Search Ur Happiness In Others..
It Will Make U Feel Alone..
Search It In Urself..
U Will Feel Happy Even If U Are Alone..!

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Excellence Has Always Been Achieved By Those
Who Dared Believe That Something Inside Them Is Superior To Circumstances..
Believe In Urself..!

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Hard Times Are Like A Washing Machine..
They Twist, Turn And Knock Us Around..
In The End We Come Out Cleaner, Brighter And Better Than Before..!

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Smooth road never make gud driver,
Clear sky never make gud pilot,
Problem free life never make good person.
Life is challenge.Face it.

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Negitive Person Has Only One Day Between 2 Nights..
While Positive Person Has Only One Night Between 2 Days..!

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