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U Are The Only Answer To The Question Of Ur Life..
U Are The Only Key To The Lock Of Ur Future..!

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Silence Is Fence Around Wisdom..
If Ur Foot Slips
U Can Always Regain Ur Balance..
If Ur Tounge Slips
U Can Never Recall The Words..!

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Anger Is A Condition
In Which The Tounge Works Faster Than The Mind..
Smile Is An Action
Which Makes Everything Work Faster Except The Tounge..
Keep Smiling..!

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Old Concept .. Do Or Die
New Concept .. Do Before U Die
Latest Concept .. Dont Die Until U Do..!

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A Famous Poet Ellot Said..
"When U Get Little U Want More
When U Get More U Desire Even More..
When U Lose It..
U Realize Little Was Enough..!"

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3 Grand Essentials To Happiness In This Life Are..
Something To Do
Something To Love
Something To Hope For..!

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Ups And Downs
Unexpected Results And Problems
Are A Part Of Life..
Never Lose Hope In Any Condition..
The Darkness Of Night Always Finishes With Light Of Day.!

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