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This Can Be Read As God Is No Where..
As God Is Now Here..
Everything Depends On How Do U See Anything..
So Think Positive.!

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Normal People Say :

Success Knocks Your Door Only Once

But, Achievers say :

Knock The Door Of Success, Until Success Opens The Door..

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There Is Much To Learn From A Pair Of Walking Legs..
The Foot That Is Forward Has No Pride..
Other Foot Has No Shame..
They Both Know Their Situation Will Change..!

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Change The Texture Of Ur Thoughts
Ur Life Will Change..
The Future Isnt Something We Await
It Is Something We Create..!

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Dont Dream About Beauty
It Spoils Ur Dury..
Dream About Ur Duty
It Makes Ur Life Beauty..!

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Never Expect Things To Happen..
Struggle And Make Them Happen..
Never Expect Urself To Be Given A Good Value..
Create A Value Of Ur Own..!

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Mother Terasa
"Dont Expect Ur Frnd To Be A Perfect Person..
Help Ur Frnd To Become A Perfect Person..!"

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