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Six Rules To Be Happy:
1. Free Ur Heart From Hatred..
2. Free Ur Mind From Worries..
3. Make Ur Life Simple..
4. Expect Less From Others..
5. Give More To Others..
6. Always Have A True Frnd Like Me..!

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Never Expect Things To
Happen, Struggle And Make
Them Happen.. Never Expect
Urself To Be Given A Good Value,
Create A Value Of Ur Own..!

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Change The Texture Of Ur Thoughts,
Ur Life Will Change..
The Future Isnt Something We Await,
It Is Something We Creat..!

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Mistakes Are Painful
When They Happen..
Years Later A Collection Of Mistakes Called Experience
Which Leads Us To Success..!

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What The Word IMPOSSIBLE Says..?
So Everything Which Seems
Impossible Is Itself Says..
That Is Possible..!

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Added 4 years ago

Love Urself..
Flirt With Ur Understanding..
Romance With Dreams
Get Engaged With Simplicity..
Marry Genuiness
Divorce The Ego..
Thats Good Life..!

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Added 4 years ago

Each Moment Of Ur Life Is A Picture
Which U Had Never Seen Before..
Which U'll Never See Again..
So Enjoy And Live Life..
Make Each Moment Beautiful..!

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