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A Beautiful Thought:
"Always Learn The Wisdom Of
Its Better To Bend A Little
Rather Than To Break Any Relation..!"

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Be Simple But Look Stylish..
Be Tough But Look Soft..
Be Tensed But Look Cool..
Be A Begginer But Look Winner..
That Is The Way Of Life..!

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Always Be Good With The Good
Never Be Bad With The Bad..
U Cant Wash Blood With Blood..!

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Feel Good If Someone Misses U..
Feel Better When Someone Likes U..
Feel Best When Someone Cares U..
Feel Proud When Someone Never Forgets U In Prayers..!

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Rules To Be Happy:
1. Never Hate
2. Dont Worry
3. Live Simple
4. Expect A Little
5. Give A Lot
6. Always Smile
7. Keep In Touch With God..!

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Great Saying:
Dont Accept Others Defination
Of Life..
Its Ur Life Define It Urself..!

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Every Test In Our Life Makes Us Bitter Or Better..
Every Problem Come To Make Or Break Us..
Choice Is Ours Whether We Become Victim Or Victorious..!

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