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Added 4 years ago

Never Say Anything Bad About
Ur Enemies Are Enough To Debate
On This Subject..!

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Added 4 years ago

Dont Worry About The Delay In Ur
Success Compared To Others..
Construction Of A Wonder
Takes More Time Than An Ordinary

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Added 4 years ago

Be Strong Enough To Accept The
Challenges Of Life..
Dont Ask Life (Why Me..?)
Always Say (Try Me..)

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Added 4 years ago

“Life is like photography.
You need the negatives to develop.”

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Added 4 years ago

Dreams r like STARS...

YOU may never touch them,

But if you follow them they will lead you to YOUR DESTINY..

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Added 4 years ago

If The 1st Button Of Shirt Is Wrongly Put..
All The Buttons Are Surely Wrong..
So Always Be Careful On Ur 1st Step
Other Step Will Come Automatically Correct..!

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Added 4 years ago

Oh God..
When I Lose Hope
Help Me To Remember That Ur Love
Is Greater Than My Disappointments..
Ur Plans For My Life Are Better Than
My Dreams..!

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