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We Cannot Hold A Touch
Another Mans Paths..
Without Brightening Our

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Success Is Only Possible
With Hardwork And Clear
Not By Thoughts And Desire..!

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Golden Lines:
Moveability Is Part Of Life
Flexibility Is Art Of Life..
One Who Understand This
Then Success Is Landmark
Of His Life..!

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When A Door Of Happiness Closes
Another Opens..
So Often At Times
We Look So Long At The Closed Door..
That We Do Not See The One
Which Has Been Opening At Us..!

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Nothing is old, nothing is new;
it just a matter of point of view;
enjoy life as happy days are few;
because if life is like an ocean;
then happy moments are like dew!

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If U Want To Be Happy
U Will Wait Forever..
If U Start To Be Happy
U Will Be Happy Forever..
So Always Be Happy And Keep

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Talent Will Take U To High Position
Character Will Help To Maintain The
High Position..!

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