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Every King Was Once A Crying
Every Great Building Was Once
A Map..
Its Not Important Where U Are
Where U Will Reach Tomorrow
Is Important..!

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If An Egg Breaks Due To Outside
Inside Life Ends..
If It Breaks From Inside
Life Begins..
Great Things Always Happen
From Inside
So Try To Make Ur Inside Good..!

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Walk Urself Out Of Ur Bad Mood
Studies Show That Even A 10 Minute
Immediately Boosts Brain Chemistry To Increase Happiness..!

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Nice lines by swami vivekanand
"zindagi mein acche logon ki talaash mat karo khud ache ban jao, shayad kisi ki talaash puri ho jaye...!!!"

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A lot Of Things Go Unquestioned,
A lot Of Questions Go Unanswered!
Few Words Go Unsaid,
Said Words Go Unheard.
But Still Dreams Are
We Call It LIFE..

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Feeling that your life is on the edge doesn't mean that you're going to end up falling. Find the balance to stay strong and carry on

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In A Race Between Lion And Deer
Many Time Deer Wins..
Lion Runs For Food And Deer For
Purpose Is More Important Than Need..!

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