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Zndgi Kaanto Ka Safar Hai
Hausla Iski Pehchaan Hai
Raaste Par To Sabhi Chalte Hain
Jo Raasta Banaye Wahi Insaan Hai..!

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One Who Wins In His 1st Effort
Wins The Life
One Who Fails In His 1st Effort
Can Win The World
Wounded Heart Is More Powerful
Than Normal..!

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Always Stay With A Sweet Smile
Dont Get Upset For Small And
Silly Things
Only Ur Loved One Can Hurt U
Forgive And Show Love Again..!

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Living In The Favourable And Unfavourable Situation Is Called
"Part Of Life"
Smiling In All Those Situation Is
"Art Of Life..!"

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Most Positive Thought:
Sometimes We Feel All Doors Are
Closed In Our Life
All The Closed Doors May Not Be
They May Be Waiting For Ur Knock..!

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Don't Cry Over The Past,
It's Gone.
Don't Stress About The Future,
It Hasn't Arrived.
Live In The Present And Make It Beautiful...

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A Lamp Doesnt Speak
It Introduces Itself Through Its
Achievers Never Expose Themselves
Their Achievements Expose Them..!

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