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Just As The Most Beautiful,
Same As The Most Beautiful,
~LESSON Are Born From PAIN~

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Most Smiles Are Started By Another Smile
So Dont Wait For The Other Person To Smile
Be The One To Initiate The Smile
Keep Smiling Always..!

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I Am Thankful To All Those
Who Said NO To Me
Its Bcoz Of Them I Did It

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Opportunities Are Like Sunrises
If U Wait Too Long U Can Miss
- Willam Arthur

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Beautiful Lines:
Life Is Not An Ipod To Listen To Ur
Favourite Songs
Its Like A Radio
In Which U Must Adjust Urself To Enjoy
Whatever Comes In It...!

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U Need Power Only When U Want
To Do Something Harmful
Love, Compromise And Compassion
Are Enough To Get Everything Done..!

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Life give us answers in 3 ways.
1>It says yes n gives us what we want.
2>It says No n gives us better.
3>It says wait n gives us best..
Real truth.:-(

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