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Don’t be a parrot in life, be an Eagle.
A parrot speaks but can’t fly high,
but an Eagle is silent

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A SMILE is an inexpensive way to change ur looks!

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It s true that every effort is not converted in to success but it s also true that success doesn t come without effort.

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There Are No Secrets To Success.
Not Even A Shortcut To Success.
It Is The Result Of Preparation,
Hard Work, Learning From Failure.

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Agar Bharosa Uparwale Par HaiTo,
Jo Likha Taqdeer Mein
Hai Wahi Paoge Magar Bharosa
Agar Khud Par Hai To,
Wo Wahi Likhega, Jo Aap Chahoge.

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Life is too deep for words.
So do not try to describe it.
Just live it.
Nothing in life is to be answered.
Its only to understand.

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Zindagi Haseen Hai Zindagi Se Pyar Karo,
Ho Raat To Subah Ka Intzar Karo,
Wo Pal Bhi Aayega Jis Pal Ka Intzar Hai Apko,
Bas Rab Pe Bharosa Aur Waqt Pe Aitbar Karo.

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