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तेरा सपना क्यों पूरा नहीं होता,
हिम्मत वालो का इरादा अधुरा नहीं होता,
जिस इंसान के कर्म अच्छे होते है
उस के जीवन में कभी अँधेरा नहीं होता..!!

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One can get water
by digging 50 feet at 1 place
& not by digging 1 foot in 50 places.
Similarly, persistent efforts
in right direction always works

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"We are our thoughts.
We cannot
change anything if we cannot change
our thinking"

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Only two persons are happy in this world First is Mad and Second is Child Be a Mad to Achieve what you desire And Be a Child to Enjoy What you Have...

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''Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.''

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Find what you are afraid of, face it, and then you won't be afraid of it anymore. -

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Never waste the opportunities that come up, because the same opportunity will not come twice.

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