Good Night SMS

Added 3 years ago

Apni aankho ke sabhi ashq baha kar sona
Tum meri yaad ka her deep bujha kar sona
Dar lagta hai neend hi kahe cheen na le
Tera her roz mera khwabo me aa ker sona

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Added 3 years ago

Whenever U Have A Dream
Inside Ur Heart
Never Let It Go
Because Dreams Are The
Tiny Seeds
From Which Beautiful Tomorrow
Have A Wonderful Dream Tonite..!
Good Night

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Added 3 years ago

Hello, This Is Our ATD
(Anytime Disturbance)Service
We Are The Experts In Disturbing
Irritating People At Busy Hours
Our Goal Has Been Achieved
Thank U..!
Good Night

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Added 3 years ago

U Are The Reason
Why I Have Sleepless Nights
U Are The Reason
Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow
U Are The Reason
I Cant Sleep Without Saying
Good Night

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Added 3 years ago

10 Messages For U..
I Miss U
How Are U
Hope Ur Fine
Keep Smiling
Take Care
God Bless U
Be Happy..!
Good Night

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Added 3 years ago

I'm Sending A Pillow Of Happy
To Create Wonderful Dreams
A Blanket Of Care To Comfort
U All Night
And A Prayer To Protect Untill
Good Night
Sleep Tight

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Added 3 years ago

A Bed Of Clouds For U To Sleep
Diamond Stars As Ur Bedside Lamp
Angels From Heaven Singing
Lullabies For U
May U Sleep Peacefully Through
Out The Night..!
Good Night

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