Good Morning SMS

Added 4 years ago

Get Up From Ur Soft Soft Bed
Open Ur Teeny Weeny Eyes
Wear That Jolly Wolly Smile
And Say To Urself A Good
Morning From My Side..
Have A Wonderful Day
Good Morning

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Added 4 years ago

Sweet Day
Sweet Morning
Sweet Hopes
Sweet Plans
Sweet Efforts
Sweet Success
Sweet Feeling
Wish You A Sweet And
Successful Day..
Good Morning
Have A Nice Day

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Added 4 years ago

One Of The Joy In Life Is
Waking Up Each Day With
That Somewhere Someone
Cares Enough To Send
A Warm Morning Greeting..!
Good Morning

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Added 4 years ago

I Hope This Sunday Be A Great
Start To Ur Week
I Hope That It Will Be Filled
With Joy And Peace
And All The Treasures That
U Seek..
Wishing You A Happy Sunday
Good Morning

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Added 4 years ago

Every Little Smile Can Touch
Somebody's Heart
May U Find Hundreds Of
Reasons To Smile Today..
May U Be The Reason For
Someone Else To Smile..
Have A Smiling Day
Good Morning

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Added 4 years ago

Dear Subscriber
Ur Due Date To Take Bath
For This Month Is Today..
Plz Take Bath By Due Date
To Avoid Khujli And Dandruf..!
Good Morning

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Added 4 years ago

Hi, To Sweet Person
Who Passed Sweet Night
With A Sweet Dream..
Now Want To Pass Sweet
Day With Sweet Talk..
Have A Sweet Day
Have A Sweet Morning
Good Morning

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