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The record for the most fours inan innings in T20I Championships belongs to Herschelle Gibbs. He hit 14 against WI in 2007.

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Tillakaratne Dilshan holds the record for the most numbers of fours in a single T20I Championship.
He hit 46 of them in the 2009 edition.

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# India (521 for eight declared) posted their second highest total at Sardar Patel Stadium - their highest is 583 for seven wickets declared against New Zealand in 1999-2000.

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Q : Which of these phrases is often used to describe a love story revolving around three people ?
A. Love Line
B. Love Sqruare
C. Love Circle
D. Love Traiangle

Ans : D. Love Triangle

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Q : Who is the author of the novels ‘ The Immortals of Meluha’ and ‘ The Secrets of the Nagas’ ?
A. Amish Tripathi
B. Amitav Ghosh
C. Ashok Banker
D. Aravind Adiga

Ans : A. Amish Tripathi

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Q. Kaun si nadi east se west ki ore nahi bahti hai?
A. Narmda
B. Sabarmati
C. Loony
D. Krishna
Ans : D. Krishna.

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Q. Kis grah ka apna koi upgrah nahi hai?
A. Mangal
B. Arun
C. Shukra
D. Varun

Ans : C. Shukra.

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