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ved Posted In Special SMS
Added 3 years ago

Degrees Of Girls!
Send it to Your Friendz and See k Wo Tumhe konsi Degree denge?
B.A: Beautiful Angel
B.E: Beautiful Eyes
B.Sc: Beautiful Stupid Chulbuli
B.L: Beautifully Loyal
MBBS: Much Beautiful But Stupid
B.COM: Basically Confidence of Mohabbat
B.B.A: Beauty Bold & Active
L.L.B:Love 4 Loyal Boy
Ph.D:Perfect Heart Dream Girl.
But Reply Me First. !

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Added 3 years ago

Choose Your Second Letter Of Your
Name ??
A. Kiss
B. Rose
C. Missed calls
D. Bohat izzat
E. Blessing
F. Dua
G. Mitha
H. Money
I. Respect
J. Khushi
K. Doulat
L. Perfums
M. Mohabbat
N. Happiness
O. Care
P. Friendship
Q. Gift
R. Lots of love
S. Love 4 ever
T. Tension
U. Tears
V. Pain
W. Hug
X. Flate
Y. Chocolate
Z. Dhokha...

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Added 3 years ago

What is your profile picture ?
1) Own pic
2) Actor
3) actress
4) Flower
5) Animal/Bird
6) Kids
7) Heart

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Added 3 years ago

"Is Saal K End Ka Sawal"
Ap K Khyal Se Meri Dosti Ne Apko Kya Diya?
Time Waste,
Reply Fast.
Happy New Year

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Added 3 years ago

Dimag chalao aur jawab do.

Ek Gali Mein _____ Bacche Khel Rahay The.
Uss Gali Mein Se ek _____ Aurat Guzar rahi thi.
Uss _____ Aurat ke Hath Mein _____ Thi.
Un _____ Bachon Ne Uss _____ Aurat Ki _____ Gira Di.

In 7 Khali Jaga Main Ek Hi Word Aye Ga.. Dimag chalao aur jawab do.


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Jeet Posted In Special SMS
Added 3 years ago

Name :
Age :
Birthday :
Pet name :
Fav. Food :
Fav. Hero :
Fav. Heroin :
Fav. Colour :
Fav. Song :
Best friend :
Lover name :

reply fast-

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Added 3 years ago

Comment your
Blood Group &
know your
A+. Attractive
A-. Lovely
B+. Innocent
B-. Boring
AB+. Bold
AB-. Shameless
O+. Beautiful,
O-. Unique...

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