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2 countries got independence in 1947 . one country reached mars and other country is still trying to enter India..

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Ek Ladki Bus Mein Apne Boyfriend Ki Godh Mein Beithi Thi.
Ladki Ne Conductor Se Kaha: “Bus Dheere Chalao Jhatke Bahut Lagte Hai”
Conductor: “Oye Madam, Godi MeinSe Uth Ke Dekh Bus To Kab Se Khadi Hai“

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Bachpan me pucha gaya sabse
jyada sawal,
"Bade hokar kya karna chahte ho
" ??
Aaj jakar uska jawab mila ..
Firse Bachpan Jeena chahte hai..

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khushiyo ka khazana tha..
Chahat Chaand ko pane ki,
DIL titli ka Diwana tha..
khabar na thi kuch Subah ki,
Na Shaam ka thikana tha..
Thak-haar ke aana school se,
Par khelne bhi jana tha..
Dadi ki kahani thi,
Pariyo ka fasana tha..

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zindgi me jo chiz asani se mile
jo muskil se mile
aur jo bade nasib walo ko mile?
ab main apni taarif khud kaise karu.

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Ladki ki Lo

Aurat ki Lo

Jawan ki Lo

Buddhi ki

Jiski bhi Mile

Le Lo


Pata Nhi Kab

Kaam aa jaye.
Zindgi badal jaye.

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Some interesting facts of MOM...The Mars Mission

1. INDIA becomes the first country in the world to do so in
its maiden attempt, leaving behind US, Europe and Russia.

2. INDIA becomes the only Asian country in the world so
far to successfully accomplish this mission , not even

3. INDIA completes this mission in just 450 crores, 1/10th
of the cost incurred by NASA for similar Misson 'Maven'.

4. It's less than the cost of many of the Hollywood movies.

5. This mission has been executed without any association
with any foreign country. ..its completely indigenous.

6. The spacecraft has travelled more than 650 crore
kilometres in around 300 days to complete this journey.

Share to the maximum. ..its much more prestigious than
any world cup or any other achievement....

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