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Added 4 months ago

!_!""!_!appy morning,
!_!""!_!ave a NiceDay,
!_!""!_!ave a Cool Day..

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बारिश में भिगने के बाद जब आपकी गर्लफ्रेंड बोलेंगी ;


''मुझे ठंड लग रही है....''

तब छक्को जैसे मत बोलीये
''मुझे भी''..!!!

हक से पुछिये ...

- "देखू क्या एक कमरा...??"

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Added 5 months ago

I Think By The Time You Feel Hale And Hearty
I Will Fall Ill For Missing You Like Crazy
I Think My The Time You Start Smiling Again
Seeing Your Suffering Will Make Me Wither In Pain
I Think By The Time You Stop Feeling So Blue
I Will Fall Sick Because I Missed You So Much
Get Well Soon My Princess......!

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Added 5 months ago

If Kisses Were A Drug, Hugs Were A Medicine
And Cuddling Were W Home Remedy
Believe Me Baby I Would Be Nursing You 24×7
Get Well Soon My Rajkumari.......!

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Added 5 months ago

Your Sickness Is Affecting My Happiness
Your Condition Is Causing Me Frustration
Your Ailment Is Affecting My Heart
Not Being Able To See You Is Causing Me
Get Well Soon Baby Miss You So So Much.....!

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Added 5 months ago

I Am Coming To Meet You
So Say Goodbye To Tablets, Capsules
And Injections
You Will Be Well As I Make You Feel Better
With My Never Ending Charms
Get Well Soon My Princess......!

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Added 5 months ago

Whether The Battle Of Your Life Is Big
Or Small
I Promise To Be With You Through It All
Get Well Soon Sweetheart.......!

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