Festival SMS [Christmas SMS]

Added 2 years ago

I Am Dreaming Of White Christmas ,
With Every Christmas Card I Write,
May Your Days Be Merry And Bright,
And May All Your Christmases Be White.
Happy Christmas.

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Added 2 years ago

I Hope You Have A Wonderful Christmas.
Have A Great New Year!
Hopefully Santa Will Be Extra Good To You.
Enjoy Your Holidays!
Happy Christmas.

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Added 2 years ago

Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season! Season's Greetings

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Added 2 years ago

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
The gladness of Christmas give you hope,
The warmth of Christmas grant you love.

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Added 2 years ago

The message of Christmas is that the visible
material world is bound to the invisible
spiritual world.

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Added 2 years ago

Santa is very jolly because he knows where
all the bad girls live.

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Added 2 years ago

I hope you have a wonderful christmas . have
a great new year ! Hopefully santa will be
extra good to you . enjoy your holidays !

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