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Festival SMS [Raksha Bandhan SMS]

Added 2 years ago

“Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.
Raksha Bandhan

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Added 2 years ago

Sister is someone who is caring and sharing.
Sister can understand things you never said.
She can understand pain,which is not visible to anyone.
Raksha Bandhan sweety!

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Added 2 years ago

रक्षा बंधन SPECIAL

आज हम गणित के जरिये बतायेगे आप कितने भाई बहन है -

विश्ववास नही हो रहा है ना ??

ये मजाक नही है !

चलो Try करके देखते है !

1- सबसे पहले भाइयो की सख्या जितने आप के भाई है !

2- अब उसमे 2 का अकं जोड ले !

3- अब उस मै 2 का गुणा करिये !

4- अब उसमे 1अकं और जोडिये !

5-अब उसमे 5 का गुणा करिये !

6- अब उस योग मे बहनो कि सख्या
जोड ले !

7- अब कुल योग मे 25 घटा दिजिये !

8- अब आपको 2 अकं मिलेगे ़ पहला अकं भाई का दूसरा अकं बहन का !

Shock laga kyaa ??

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Added 2 years ago

Its hard to describe all the love and happiness you’ve given me.
But through this message, I try.
Hope you find the best in yourself this Rakhi.

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Added 2 years ago

Dear sister,
I know that you are away from me,
but I it is my deepest wish that you tie me that Rakhi.
Happy Rakhi Wishes

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Added 2 years ago

Have a wonderful future ahead.
I wish you the best for your life and wish you huge amounts of love.
Even though I won’t be there to tie you Rakhi this time,
I’ll always be there in spirit.
Your sister.

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Added 2 years ago

You are the sweetest sister in the world.
No one else can match your love.

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