Festival SMS

Added 2 years ago

You were always there for me,
Always looking out for me,
Like a street light guiding your path,
Like the stars shining in the night,
Giving us immense hope to continue.
I’ll always treasure your love,
I’ll never ever forget you.
Happy Rakhi

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Added 2 years ago

Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume,
Khushiyan tumhare charo aur ho,
Par bhagwan se itni prarthana karne ke liye,
tum mujhe kuch to commission do!
To my extremely lovable (but kanjoos) brother…
Just kidding as always.
“Happy Raksha Bandhan”

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Added 2 years ago

May this RakshaBandhan bring you everything
you desire and everything you dream of.
May success
accompany you in every step that you take.
Have A Blessed Raksha Bandhan

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Added 2 years ago

You are the person who holds me in my bad times, you are the person who dances with me in my happiness.
I can’t recall even a single day when you were absent from my life.
I really love you.
Happy Rakhi Bro

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Added 2 years ago

You never say no, you never say thats impossible and you never say you can’t.
That’s my bro, a superman who make things possible and who make paths smoother.
I love you Bro.
Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya !

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Added 2 years ago

Sis is someone who is caring n sharing.
Sis can understand things u never said.
She can understand pain, Witch is not visible to anyone.
I love u sis!
HappyRaksha Bandhan

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Added 2 years ago

Gulab Jaman?
Let Me C..
How Bout Jalebi?
Still Cant Find
Anything As Sweet
As U.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

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