Festival SMS

Added 3 years ago

Aati Thi Jaathi Thi Hansti Thi,
Hansati Thi Bhagati Thi,
Bhagaati Thi Bolti Thi,
Bulwati Thi Per Aaj Pata Chala
Ki Vah Mujhe Bhai Dooj
Wish Karna Chahati Thi

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Added 3 years ago

I Absolutely Treasure The
Wonderful Relationship We Share.
It’s So Precious,
Unique & Rare And When An
Occasion Like Bhai Dooj Comes Along
I Wish For You Every Happiness
& Pray That It Lingers
Long Happy Bhai Dooj..!!

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Added 3 years ago

Bhai Dooj Is Festival Of
Prayers From Sister To Brother,
Brother’s Protection For Her
Sister. May This Bhai Dooj,
We All Celebrate It With Even
More Love And Protection For
Our Sisters And Brothers.
Best Wishes On This Bhai Dooj.

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Added 3 years ago

You Were Always My Best
Friend, Looking Out For
Me, Making Sure The Path
I Traveled On Was Smooth.
Even If I Searched The
World Over, There Cannot
Be A Better Brother Than You.
Happy Bhai Dooj

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Added 3 years ago

Like The Love Of Lord Krishna
For His Sister Subhadra, All
Brother Should Love Their Sister
And Like The Blessings Of
Subhadra For His Brother Krishna,
All Sisters Should Always Pray For
Their Brothers. Happy Bhai Dooj..

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Added 3 years ago

A Happy Bhai Dooj! Grant That
I May Bring No Tear To Any Eye
When This Bhai Dooj In Time
Shall End Let It Be Said I’ve
Played The Friend, Have Lived
And Loved And Labored Here,
And Made Of It A Happy Year.

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Added 3 years ago

Bhaee Bahan Ka Pyar Ye
Pyara Tyohar, Sari Duniya
Me Isaki Goonj, Sabako
Mubarak Bhaiya Dooj.

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