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Added 3 years ago

To The Outside World We All
Grow Old, But We Know Each
Other As We Always Were. We
Know Each Other’s Heart. We
Live Outside The Touch Of
Time. Happy Bhai Dooj.

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Added 3 years ago

I Want To Tell You,
During The Times When We Fought,
My Love Was In A Different Mood.
Happy Bhai Dooj Brother!

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It Means So Much To Have
You Around, As With Your
Presence Everything Seems
Just So Easy,
God May Bless You Bhaiya.
Happy Bhai Dooj...

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Added 3 years ago

Your Love Makes Me Feel Proud.
And On This Day I Want To
Shout It Out Loud.
Happy Bhai Dooj
My Brother...!!

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Added 3 years ago

Drop The Last Year Into The
Silent Limbo Of The Past.
Let It Go, For It Was Imperfect,
And Thank God That It Can Go.
Happy Bhai Dooj To You Brother.

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Added 3 years ago

We Gain And Lose Things Everyday.
But Trust Me On One Thing.
You’ll Never Lose Me.
I Will Always Be Here.
Happy Bhai Dooj...!!

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Added 3 years ago

Aati Thi Jaathi Thi Hansti Thi,
Hansati Thi Bhagati Thi,
Bhagaati Thi Bolti Thi,
Bulwati Thi Per Aaj Pata Chala
Ki Vah Mujhe Bhai Dooj
Wish Karna Chahati Thi

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