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Added 4 years ago

if u fail in exam
mom says 3 words-THODA AUR PADLETA
dad says 3 words-YE SUDHREGA NAHI
lover says 3 words-HOW COULD U??
friend says 3 words-

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Added 4 years ago

There is no word, no phrase for you
on whom I so depend.
All I can say to you is this,
God bless you precious friend.

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Added 4 years ago

I am very lucky that,
U are my freind,
I miss u,
I love you,
Aisa hum nahi hamare dost kahte hai humse.

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Added 4 years ago

Who Am I?
A Step When You Stop
A Touch When You Are Lost
A Word When You Are Quiet
A Smile When You Are Sad
A Friend Who Would Be There For U Forever (:

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Added 4 years ago

Life is 5 star
Mother is top star
Father is king star
Teacher is Ultimate star
Lover is action star
But A friend is the

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Added 4 years ago

Pyar me maut se darta kaun hai
Pyar ho jaata hai karta kaun hai
Aap jaise yar par dunia qurban
Aur aap puchte ho k, hum pe marta kaun hai?

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Added 4 years ago

Dosti ki wajah nahin hoti,
Dosti saza nahin hoti,
Dosti me hoti he imandari,
Dosti me duniadari nahi hoti,
Dost jaan se pyara hota he,
Dost se jaan pyari nahin hoti.

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