Special Day Wishes SMS

Added 4 years ago

Dosti wo anmol ratan hai
jo bade yatno se khoji jati hai
prem mukt komal dhage me piro kar moti
haar gale ka ban jati hai "

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Added 4 years ago

A best frnd is 1 who says:-
"Wo teri kismat me nahi, Yaar usse Bhul Ja."
a True friend is 1who says:-
"Tu padhai pe dhyan de,ghar se utha layenge usko to..." tum kaun se ho?

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Added 4 years ago

2 of my frnds r arguing to prove who is my dearest friend..
Standing near them, I'm smiling silently & thinking of u.. ;-)

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Added 4 years ago

Weekly 1 day holiday
monthly 1 day salary day
yearly 1 day birthday
lifely 1 day death day
bt sharing ur friendship is everyday.

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Added 4 years ago

Friendship - bond of love, medal of trust,
shoulder in sadness, hand in darkness,
special relation to hold, where secrets can be told,
it is the magic of friendship.

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Added 4 years ago

Luv is wen v drink same coconut water putting 2 straws,
Frndship is wen v hv 1 coconut and use only 1 straw
drinking 1 by 1 and saying
"bhikari pura mat piii"

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Added 4 years ago

FRIENDS are like stars...
you do not ALWAYS SEE
them but you know they are
always there...

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