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Circle is free.
Love is very risk.
Friendship is fine.

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Eyes are two,but vision is one.
Ears are two, but sound is one.
Legs r two but traveling is one.
Similarly we r 2 but our friendship is one.

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Friendship means understanding, not agreement.
It means forgiveness, not forgetting.
It means the memories last,
Even if contact is lost.

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Friendship diary:

2:-Nick name__________
3-Date of birth_________
5-Koi aachi aadat__________
6-Koi buri aadat_________
7-Pasandeda colour______
8-Pasandeda dish_________
9-Pasandeda rishta_______
10-Mujh se dosti ki wajah___________
11-Lover name________
12-Best friend name___________
Replay with truth.
Plz replay i am waiting...

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Pehle I Wish to U
Friendship belt bhi,
Bhejh diya hai bandh lena ..

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I Keep Memories Of All Aur
Specialtimes Tubked In My Heart N
Wen i Remember Those Times
I Smile N Fall In Luv
Wit Our Frndshp All Over Again.

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Added 4 years ago

If we lose a pan,
We can buy a new 1 but
If we lose pen cap
We can't buy a new
Thats why
I care 4my friends...
B'coz all dhakkans r special.

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