Friendship SMS

Added 1 year ago

A deep friend is like rainbow,

when the perfect amount of happiness and tears r mixed,

the result is a colorful bridge between 2 hearts..

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Added 1 year ago

Believe it or not !

A true friend scolds like a dad..

cares like mom..

teases like sister..

irritates like brother

finally loves u more then lovers..

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Added 1 year ago

Freindship happens inside the heart,

Slient.. Unwritten.. Unnbreakable by distance,

Unchangeable by time..

Once a Friend, always a Freind..

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Added 1 year ago

Good Friends should be like 2 zeros.

When u try 2 add they r the same,

when u subtract they r again same.

But when u try 2 divide they r indivisible..

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Added 1 year ago

One Heart Talk With Another Heart Is Affection!

One Heart Live With Another Heart Is Love!

Two Hearts Made Like One Heart Is Friendship.

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Added 1 year ago

Friendship is a chemical:

That dilutes our sorrows;

Filters all our mistakes;

Cleanses our souls;

polishes our mood!.

*** Snehan ***

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Added 1 year ago

Good FRIENDS Care for each Other..

CLose Friends understand each Other...

TRUE Friends stay forever beyond words,
beyond time....

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