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Added 1 year ago

इश्क़## ओर दोस्ती मेरे 2 जहाँ है,
इश्क़ मेरी रूह तो दोस्ती मेरा ईमान हैं,
इश्क़ पर तो फिदा कर दूं # ‪#‎ अपनी‬सारी ज़िंदगी,
लेकिन दोस्ती पर तो # ‪#‎ मेरा‬इश्क़ भी कुरबाां हैं!

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Added 1 year ago

If I Were A Tear In Your Eye,
I Would Roll Down On To Your Lips,
But If You Were A Tear In My Eye,
I Would Never Cry As I Would Be Afraid To Lose You

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Added 1 year ago

Never try alone to take the weights of tear
that comes out of ur heart &
falls through ur eyes ……..

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Added 1 year ago

आपके बिना हम जिए भी तो कैसे.....!
भला दोस्त के बिना भी कोई जी पाया हैं.!!

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Added 1 year ago

The Best Kind of Relationship in the World is the One in Which......

A Sorry & A Smile

Can make Everything back to normal again..!!

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Added 1 year ago

*** Mistake is a single page
in a part of life,

relation is a book
of Dictionary,

So, Don't lose a full book for
a single page..~*~*~*~

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Added 1 year ago

Relations are not an exam
to pass or fail,

its not a competition
to win or lose

its a felling
in which you care for some more the yourself.~^~^~^~

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