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Friendship SMS

Added 1 year ago

~•~ Two hearts make frienship, many hearts try to break that friendship,

but making or breaking depends on the level which that two hearts beats for each other...

=== Snehan ==

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Added 1 year ago

10Qualities a friend must have:
Cute as crocodile.
Smart as donkey.
Active as turtle.
Fit as hippo.
Matured as monkey.
Sincerity like dog.
No doubt you are my good friend...

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Added 1 year ago

Life gives Strange twists sometimes,
sum1 u trust very much hurts u & sum1 u never bothered much stands by u.

so never judge any1 by 1 mistake..!

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Added 1 year ago

"there is nothing to gain in the friendship without help & good habitations,

if there is anybody want to gain anything which makes to doubtful frienship,

that is not atrue friendship."

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Added 1 year ago

Lips Don't Join When You Say
That Is a Sign Of Distance,

When You Say
Lips Join

That Is a Sign Of Togetherness

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Added 1 year ago

जो दिल से करीब हो उसे रुसवा नही करते,
यूँ अपनी मोहब्बत का तमाशा नही करते,
खामोश रहेंगे तो घुटन और बढ़ेंगी,
अपनो से कोई बात छुपाया नही करते…

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Added 1 year ago

लोग कहते है की इतनी दोस्ती मत करो की दोस्त दिल पर सवार हो जाए.

हम कहते हैं दोस्ती इतनी करो की दुश्मन को भी तुमसे प्यार हो जाए....

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