Friendship SMS

Added 5 months ago

We All Have That One Frnd
Who Gets Emotional On Every
Small Matter..!

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Added 5 months ago

Every Garden Must Have A Rose
Every Face Must Have A Smile
Every Grass Must Have Some Dew
Every Person Must Have A Frnd Like

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Added 5 months ago

Everyone Can Speak Sweet Word
Everyone Can Buy Sweet Chocolate
But No One Can Have Sweet Person
Like U
This Greeting Is Specially For U Who
Made My Life Worth Living
I Hope U Stay In My Life Forever..!

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Added 5 months ago

Today Is Frndship Day
Before I Wish U Happy Frndship Day
I Just Want To Say..
Sorry For Whenever I Hurt U. I Am Sure
I Didn't Mean It
Remember No Matter Where U Are Or In
What Condition
I'll Always Be There For U..!

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Added 5 months ago

It's Frndship Day
And I'm Sending You A Big Hug
To Wish You A Great Day
Memories Of You Fill My Mind Like
Thousands Of Bright Stars In The Sky
Miss You My Friend..!

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Added 5 months ago

There Is Always One Person In A
Relationship Who Loves More
Cares More, Cries More, Hurt More
And Even Forgives More
U Are That Special Person And Our
Frndship Means The World To Me..!

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Added 5 months ago

A Daily Thought A Silent Tear
A Constant Wish That U Were Near
Words Are Few But Thoughts Are
Memories Of Our Frndship I Will Always

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