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When Ambitions Overtake Performances
The Gap Is Called Frustrations
If Performance Overtake Ambitions Its Called

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Smile more. Wake up early. Do meaningful work. Show more gratitude. Let go of negative habits..

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*Agar Khush Hi Rehna Hai To*

Bure Lamho Ko *Blur* Kar Do
Achhe Lamho Ko *Focus* Kar Lo...

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In The Journey Of Life
We Pass Pleasure And Pain
There Will Be Sunshine And Rain
There Will Be Loss And Gain
We Must Learn To Smile Again And

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Stone Is Broken With The Last Stroke
Of Hammer
This Doesn't Mean That First Stroke
Was Useless
Success Is The Result Of Continuous

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Good Things Take Time
Stop Focusing On All The Negative
Count Ur Blessings, Not Ur Problems..!

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Dont Think U Are Nothing
Dont Think U Are Everything
Think U Are Something
Who Can Achieve Anything..!

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