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मुश्किलें केवल बेहतरीन लोगों के हिस्से में आती हैं
क्यूंकि वो लोग ही उसे बेहतरीन तरीके से अंजाम देने की ताकत रखते हैं!!

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No Life Ever Grows Great Until It
Is Focused, Dedicated, And

But No Life Is Ever
Happy Until It Is Lived For
The Glory Of God Keep The Faith.

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Ek Aur Shaam Ja Chuki Hai Zindagi Ki

Ek Aur Din Aa Raha Zindagi Me

Ye Mat Socho K Kitne Lamhe Hai Zindagi Me

Ye Socho K Kitni Zindagi Hai Har Lamhe Me.

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A Golden message for Youngsters.

A Bright Future CAN Give
U Many Beautiful Girls.

a Beautiful Girl CAN NOT,
Give U a Bright Future.

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"Rab" pe hamesha vishwas rakho,


'Rab' wo Nahi deta jo aapko acha lagta hai,


rab wo deta hai jo Aapke liye achha hota hai,

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Life Never Turns The Way We Want.

We Live It In The Best Way We Can.

ThereS No Perfect Life,


We Can Fill It With Perfect Moments

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There Is Always A Hope And An End.

It Depends On Us How We Deal With Them.

We Can Look At It As A Hopeless End.
An Endless Hope.

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