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Added 4 months ago

~~~ Aaj ka Suvichar ~~~

ज़िन्दगी ऐसे जियो…
के वक़्त भी बोल उठे…”
मैं तो क्या इसका तो,भगवान भी कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकता…

★★★ Hari Vardhan ★★★

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Added 5 months ago

~~~ जब आप असफलता को जानते हो तो जीत और भी मीठी हो जाती है. %%%

★★★ Hari Vardhan ★★★

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Added 5 months ago

If U Want A Strong And Never Ending
Relationship Then Learn To Apologize
Even When Its Not Ur Mistake
Its Necessary To Keep The Relationship
Not The Ego..!

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Added 8 months ago

Without Crossing The Worst Situations
No One Can Touch The Best Corner's Of
So Dare To Face Anything In Life Because
Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win..!

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Added 7 months ago

Yadi Tumhe Koi Nazar Andaz Karta Hai,
To Bura Mat Manna,
Log Aksar Bardast Se Bahar,
Mehangi Chiz Ko Nazar Andaz Kar Deta Hai...

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Added 8 months ago

Dont Waste Ur Time Looking Back
On What U Have Lost
Move On Life Is Not Meant To Be
Travelled Backwards..!

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Added 8 months ago

When you Fly high,
People will throw stones at you.
Don't look down.
Just fly higher
so the stone won't reach you...

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