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When U Learn To Accept Instead Of Expect
U Will Have Fewer Disappointments..!

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80% Peoples Keep Their Feelings To Themselves
They Believe Its Hard For Others To Understand Their Pain..!

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Do Not Correct A Fool Or He Will Hate U
Correct A Wise Man And He Will Appreciate U..!

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Relationship Is Not Holding Hands
When U Understand Each Other,
Its About Having Lots Of Misunderstandings
And Still Not Leaving Each Others Hand..!

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Memories Behave In A Crazy Way
They Leave U Alone When U Are In
A Crowd,
And When U Are Alone They Stand
With U Like A Crowd..!

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Forget What Hurt U In The Past,
But Never Forget What It Taught U..!

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Being Single Is Smarter Than Being
In The Wrong Relationship..!

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