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Added 2 years ago

SACH Vo Dawlat He Jise Pehle kharch karo
Aur Zindgi Bhar Anand Pao.
JHOOT Vo Karj He jo kuch din Masti To Karlo
Par Zindgi bhar chukate raho

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Added 2 years ago

The biggest temptation of life is to convert dreams to reality.
the biggest defeat in life is when we surrender this dreams to reality.

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Added 2 years ago

एक औरत बेटे को जन्म देने के लिये
अपनी सुन्दरता त्याग देती है.
वही बेटा एक सुन्दर बीवी के लिए
अपनी माँ को त्याग देता है.
Agar Maine Sahi Kaha Hai To Like Kare,
Warna Faltu Sms Like Karne Ke Liye Aage Badhe

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Added 2 years ago

We live in a country where a porn-
star is easily accepted in the society,
but a rape victim is not even
accepted as a person..

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Added 2 years ago

Sum people aren't meant 2 b in our livez 4evr... Sum r juz passing through 2 teach uz a lesson._

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Added 2 years ago

-4 evrythng we hve missed, we hve gained sumthng elze... N 4 evrythng we gain, we loze sumthng elze._

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Added 2 years ago

Having a wider heart and mind
is more important than having a
larger house.
Happiness does not come from having much,
but from being attached to little.

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