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Added 3 years ago

Is the most important element of ur "Personilty"
It is like an investment, Whatever u give to others, it will return u with profit

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Sun rise gives free from darkness,
small smile gives free from worries,
small sms gives free from forgetting

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Khushnaseeb Ho tum K Musalmaan Ho...

Main kisi ko SALAM karu To Neki,

Main kisi ko MUSKURA K Dekhun To Neki,

Koi Kam Shuru karne Say Pehle BISMILLAH Padhun To Neki,

Main Gussa Qabu karun To Neki,

Main Seedhey Hath Mein Glass Pakad K Pani Peoun To Bhi Neki,

Apne MAA BAAP Ko Muskura K Dekhon To Haj Ka Sawab,

Main Ye Batein kisi ko Batau To Neki Aur Wo Amal karey To Bhi Neki.

Apni duao ka hame bhi hissa bnaye...

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Added 3 years ago

"Truth is like a sticker,
Once it remove it may stick again,
But not as strong as holds
When u first applied it,
Take care of ur relation. "

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Added 3 years ago

Every Day
We Clean Our Teeth
Same Way,
Let's Clean Our

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'“Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” Yes. Its true :)'

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'Dont believe everything u
hear or you see,
There are
always 3 sides to every
Yours & the TRUTH.'

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